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Hey you guys! Since this spring we worked on some cool feature and we are tired… AND excited to present it to you RIGHT NOW!

Subscribe to Movies and TV Series and get Notifications on Isohunt or by Email if you desire to.

After you subscribe a certain movie or show our system will notify you when new content will be uploaded, just like notifications on Facebook. There is also email notifications option. You can manage subscriptions in your profile.

notifyNow you don’t need to search for your favorite content (movies and shows for the moment)! When entering the website you simply will get notifications! Or if you are a busy man, just wait for that email to come and you don’t even need to enter the website before the content is uploaded.

windowFor Movies you need to choose Any or Good quality you want to get notifications of.

With Any you will get content faster but with lower quality + good quality. With Good it takes more time but quality is a lot better.

For TV Shows you need to choose:
What specific Season and Episode you want to start follow it. Or get notifications of Any uploaded episode.

notifymeSo go to the movie or a show card page push that Get notifications button to start.

Hope you will like this feature and we are waiting for feedback on bugs. Or may be you know how to make it better. Let us know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Content Notifications on!”

  1. … hmmmmm
    just read this text fr. ‘notification’ blurb:
    “…Or if you are a busy man, just wait …”
    I may be busy but I can assure you, the business has never given me a sex change.
    Been a while since I’ve read ‘sumthin’ like that…
    otherwise AWESOME site. cheers

  2. Cool but the limit of 10 subscriptions is insufficient. I need at least 50 to 100 subscriptions.
    Please increase this limit.

    Thank You

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